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social media ROI

“There are basically only three things the boss cares about: how much money did we make? How much money did we save? Are our customers happy? Social media hits the last one really hard – and this is the one … Continue reading

17. March 2011 by eschipul
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fantasy valuations – if you can’t sell at a profit…

You can’t sell at a profit and make it up in volume. This is just business-common-sense. And this matters because as employees of realistic corporations that are required by reality to sustain themselves, we get frustrated keeping up with the … Continue reading

25. September 2010 by eschipul
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audience notes on social media presentation

Notes taken by Rachel at a recent social media presentation I gave. She stated that she wrote down the things the audience responded to and expressed an interest in. I read that as “what they care about.” So here is the list: … Continue reading

05. August 2010 by eschipul
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Notes on Social Objects

If you haven’t read the story of the Microsoft Blue Monster, and Hugh’s thoughts on social objects, I highly recommend it. The full blue monster story is here on Hugh’s blog. I was just rereading it for an upcoming talk … Continue reading

04. August 2010 by eschipul
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Ford Fiesta Movement Mission 4 film from Team Houston

From the description on youtube: zenfilm — June 09, 2010 — The Ford Fiesta Movement Mission 4 film from Team Houston “Pause” presents an unusual twist on romance with sci-fi/fantasy overtones. Pause was filmed in one day by the Zenfilm creative team and … Continue reading

11. June 2010 by eschipul
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faulty redundant asynchronous communication is efficient

I found myself with 60 relevant business emails in my inbox last Wednesday, the morning before I flew out on a business trip, and I jumped over to twitter to find out if anything important was going on. Baroo? Why … Continue reading

19. April 2010 by eschipul
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SchipulCon in two days – Oct 45, 16, 2009 at the Houston Zoo

What started in 2007 as the Tendenci User Conference, was canceled in 2008 due to a very unwelcome hurricane, has now morphed into SchipulCon 2009. Planned by @MagsMac, the conference has a great lineup of speakers including Deirdre Breakenridge, the … Continue reading

13. October 2009 by eschipul
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Technology and Crisis Communication Panel at SXSW. Vote?

SHORT VERSION: Please vote for my panel at SXSW DON’T PANIC – The Geek’s Guide to the Next Big Crisis LONG VERSION: A little more than four years ago I wrote my first blog post. It was about the need … Continue reading

31. August 2009 by eschipul
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Uninstall Facebook Applications Internationally Day (UFAID) September 1 2009

I am a fan of Facebook. I enjoy using it and it has brought me closer to a lot of awesome people. We are even approaching 1000 people on our Facebook Fan Page! But I can’t handle Facebook’s lack of … Continue reading

28. July 2009 by eschipul
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Tribal Citizenship Behavior

When a crisis occurs, like a hurricane hits your city or the country freaks out about the swine flu, part of a leaders job is to protect the tribe. To do that, the people have to be prepared. The first … Continue reading

05. May 2009 by eschipul
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