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Ernie Manouse PBS show on social media

still kind of a trip when I see myself on tv. bizarre. but thank you to PBS for getting the dialog going. our kids are going to be OK IMHO. You can be a fan of Ernie Manouse on FB … Continue reading

11. July 2011 by eschipul
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crippled by fear of failure

What he said: America today is crippled by fear of failure. The birther movement is, at the very least, a testament to how fear can have us take leave of our good senses. The antidote for this fear is to … Continue reading

30. April 2011 by eschipul
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call someone a clown and THEN you get fired?

Sure #tigerblood is funny. What isn’t funny is a history of abuse against women that is ignored until he calls someone a “clown.” THEN he gets fired? Baroo? From the post: …if the show’s producers are going to take offense … Continue reading

02. March 2011 by eschipul
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rosen on wikileaks – stateless news organization

Worth a read on wikileaks Wikileaks, the World’s First Stateless News Organization Ask yourself: Why didn’t Wikileaks just publish the Afghanistan war logs and let journalists ‘round the world have at them? Why hand them over to The New York … Continue reading

05. December 2010 by eschipul
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fantasy valuations – if you can’t sell at a profit…

You can’t sell at a profit and make it up in volume. This is just business-common-sense. And this matters because as employees of realistic corporations that are required by reality to sustain themselves, we get frustrated keeping up with the … Continue reading

25. September 2010 by eschipul
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Links for the Media on New Tech Happenings

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09. September 2008 by eschipul
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