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why can’t I look away from these epically bad videos?

EMILIA – Shtom taka go iskash Why can’t I look away? I’m not even sure what language it is? Bulgarian? Turkish? And don’t say it’s because of the beautiful people in the videos as there are plenty of those (isn’t … Continue reading

14. November 2012 by eschipul
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via the economist’s article on pornography and patriotism

China and Japan both lay claim to the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands. These little guys: View Larger Map Nobody lives there. But with land comes international rights to nearby water. The Guardian explains it thusly: What is the row about? The eight … Continue reading

29. September 2012 by eschipul
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boyhood fantasies (not) fulfilled

“This summer, at the age of 51—not even old—I watched on a flatscreen as the last Space Shuttle lifted off the pad. I have followed the dwindling of the space program with sadness, even bitterness. Where’s my donut-shaped space station? … Continue reading

13. June 2012 by eschipul
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no genuine attempt to address the issues

The West went to Vienna accusing Asia of trying to undermine the ideal of universality and determined to blame Asia if the conference failed. Inevitably Asia resisted. The result after weeks of wrangling was a predictable diplomatic compromise ambiguous enough … Continue reading

09. April 2012 by eschipul
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perceived american narrative on islam

Wow, I think I’m guilty of this. And I’m not sure I can change either. I read “Why Muslims are still mad at America” by Steven Kull on CNN and I can’t say that I think the Muslim perception of … Continue reading

07. September 2011 by eschipul
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radiation + north pacific gyre = bad

I don’t think we are even close to fully understanding the Nuclear crisis unfolding in Japan. Just read this on CNN: Radiation in water rushing into sea tests millions of times over limit Tokyo (CNN) — Another attempt by Japanese … Continue reading

05. April 2011 by eschipul
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web video ~ global innovation

29. March 2011 by eschipul
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Worth a read. A revolution against Neoliberalism Guaranteeing the sanctity of markets is supposed to be the limit of legitimate state functions, and state interventions should always be subordinate to markets. All human behavior, and not just the production of … Continue reading

25. February 2011 by eschipul
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V for Vendetta

Interesting to me that the movie V for Vendetta was the motivation for this and this hero both. Synopsis: Tells the story of Evey Hammond and her unlikely but instrumental part in bringing down the fascist government that has taken … Continue reading

09. February 2011 by eschipul
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work smarter and harder

The false axiom “work harder not smarter” came up in conversation today. Which reminded me of this paragraph I did on the book Rework called When to Apply Business Advice: Sometimes advice is populist, but there is a logical flaw. … Continue reading

08. September 2010 by eschipul
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