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stultifying effects of social proprieties

Less fairy tale than fable about the consequences of collective hypocrisy, Andersen’s story bears a message that has become a proverbial truth… Choosing to ignore what is in plain sight and blindly acting as if there were nothing wrong are … Continue reading

07. February 2011 by eschipul
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big companies more than small ones

So which is it? WASHINGTON—The U.S. economy looks to be in better shape, but a full recovery will only be achieved once small firms begin to prosper, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Thursday. …. The Fed’s most recent moves … Continue reading

19. January 2011 by eschipul
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3 Rules to be a Billionaire

There are three rules to becoming a billionaire in business. First the business rules, then the story: Sell at a profit. You have to sell at a profit. You can’t sell at a loss and make it up in volume. … Continue reading

23. September 2010 by eschipul
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Religion is the overwhelmingly dominant factor in predicting generosity

Some stats from the book Who Really Cares by Arthur C. Brooks: Religion is the overwhelmingly dominant factor in predicting generosity —religious liberals and religious conservatives are identical. “Religious” is defined by Brooks as individuals who attend worship service at … Continue reading

29. July 2010 by eschipul
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TIAA/CREF Sucks – But Cool New Advertising Campaign

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15. August 2007 by eschipul
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